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jimmy lee. >> this driver pulled out a gun and shot at the officer. and then, the second officer discharged a weapon. >> that second officer wounded the suspect and the chp called a driver saying they needed help and crews then rushed to the scene. both taken to john muir hospital. the suspect died there. >> this is the tail end of the morning commute. there was a lot of traffic going southbound. and this happened and a number of eye witnesses remained on scene. >> investigators from numerous agencies and district attorney gathered evidence. investigators say a deer visible on the freeway from sky 7 was not hit by stray
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bullets they say motorists spotted animals in the commute. >> you can see that southbound lanes on 680 are still closed as investigateors poured through evidence. ask traffic on the northbound lanes have been opened for a while. and the traffic is moving along. now, i just want to point out one thing. you may have noticed that from sky 7 hd video, the suspect's car, the jeep, was parked in in back of the chp patrol car and normally an officer stops in back of the car so there are a lot of unanswered questions but we've learned that the patrol car does have a dash camera. that video may help investigators. >> and abc 7 news was able to
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obtain a recording of the communication between chp dispatch and officers right after the shooting. this. >> there is a description of a subject, suspect or anything like that. >> negative. he just said officer down and i've been trying to call. >> and do you have anything? >> this officer asks or a shooting team and will determine the person was not connected to the crime. >> here is what we have found on radio for 8:00 a.m. 8:32 this morning. there are concerns whether or not that officer will survive. and we're told now by some he will not surprise. he was shot in the spine.
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and abc 7 news is live at john muir wlaitest on his condition. very tough news today. >> very tough news. not the outcome any of us suspected but i just want to reiterate just moments ago here, the chp reiterated to us that the officer is on live support. and that within the last hour. he is still alive but the patrol public april yairs office says the officer did suffer a fatal pound that receivered his spinal cord. he's still alive. patrol did tell us that quote, he suffered a fatal wound that receivered his spinal cord there have been conflicting reports today and tweets. and there was a tweet just within the last hour, claiming quote, that the chp officer succumbed to to his wound and the chp told us that that
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tweet was sent prematurely by the border office out of san diego. officer is being kept on life support and with social media with our and we want to start warning the status of the situation. it just came out prematurely. the officer is critical that. is the information that i have. >> and again, just within the last half hour, chp tells abc 7 news there is quote, no expectation for officers to survive and he's on life support and it will be up to the doctors and family to decide when to take him off, like i said it's been a tough day. now an outcome nobody wanted or expected. >> and thank you very much.
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right now, let's check in with the latest on 680 and gridlock. >> yeah. this has been going on since 8:30 this morning. you can see it's moving well but this is north of the scene. they have a report of the two left lanes open at this hour, three right lanes expected to be reopened according to chp hopefully by 7:00 tonight. you can see 24 againing to lighten up. they'd opened that. i wanted to show you our traffic waze app. you can see traffic southbound from red gear and your alternate route which would be danville boulevard. if you see a spotter here it's saying slow traffic as well. alternate roouts goes to be jamming up this afternoon. chp expecting three right lanes open by 7:00 tonight. dan?
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>> okay. >> thank you. thank you very much. and the freeway closures stranded drivers for hours mofts of the day. sky 7 is live over 680 now. we can show what you is going on. it's still a mess. and that side of the freeway is closed and will remain closed we've just heard as sue said until 7:00 tonight will reopen. you can see resulting nightmare that has been going on for drivers all day long. abc 7 news is live with more on what drivers experienced today. and everyone is very sorrow to hear about this officer and they're frustrated with traffic. >> there is a tragedy of paramount here. the traffic and inconvenience for many northbound 680 is moving right now. and it's opened about 1:00. if we take a look at video from today, you can see that this shooting did shut down the freeway in both directions. for more than two hours today.
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impact has been tremendous. sky 7 shows you how drivers including big rig operators turned around in the middle of the freeway to escape this situation. and at times, people were out of their cars, sitting on cement walls, several on ramps including this one became off ramps. people driving wrong direction to get off the freeway. for northbound traffic driving through town of danville maik became the only way to continue moving if you can call it moving people were walking faster than cars were traveling. it took us an hour to go through tenths of a mile, and we got out of the van and walked ourselves to talk to people caught up in the mess. >> and this is not made for the number of car autos i'm a sous chef in a restaurant i'm commuting from livermore have
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and have been in traffic two and a half hours, i'm stressed out. >> we have to walk her to school now. it's just jam packed now. so what are you going to do now? right? >> it did impact thousands today and truck drivers can be ticketed but today they really did not have a choice. if we take a look one more time, overhead on 680, you can see the area of 680 of southbound is still shut down. we're getting word that that section near la vorna will be reopened perhaps around 7:00 we'll be monitoring that situation. >> thank you so much z stay with us for the very latest on those traffic conditions and the investigation into the chp shooting. we'll have updates on our web site and on abc 7 news at
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6:00. >> and we'll move on to other news, a firefighter suffered a heart attack battling a church fire is showing significant signs of improvement tonight. a spokesperson tells axe bc 7 news frank ryan is awake and talking to family and friends. ryan is listed in critical condition. and this is the news that a lot of people have been hoping for. and many of the co-work kbrers drk drk workers have been by his side since thursday. >> and there is romney campaign with its platform are you better off than you were four years ago? >> are you better off now than four years ago? do you know what? we knew it then and know it now. and we're going do the same thing this time.
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>> there is a final stop and spoke in virginia saying mitt romney has no new idea to improve the nation economy. >> when my hopt had to chance for his secret sauce did he not offer a single new idea just retransit the same old policies. that have been sticking it to middle class for years. >> the president says he will be at the white house trying not to get choked up the president might get choked up a bit but party leaders hoping democrats will get fired up but what the first lady has to say tonight. and mark matthews joins us live from charlotte, north carolina. everyone knows about clint eastwood. and there is some star power
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name. >> one name jumped out at me. an actress i saw in a movie called "american beauty". >> her political activism got her her current role as a delegate. >> it's just go to a meeting and in my area, people know me. >> first she says she was motivated by the republican nominee. >> this is just idea of a romney administration to me is to be honest is abhorrent. >> i love his films so it's hard to like, slam him but i think maybe he just needed to sit down or something. and seems like he was trying something. it didn't come across. that well. >> she says supporters in the film industry were wild for him four years ago.
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this time around? >> i think at the end of the day everybody realizes that this is just still our guy. we have to do what we can to make sure he gets reelected. i think it's not like a series of rock concerts anymore. >> and coming up, michelle obama going to attempt to rock this hougs, capping off a day devoted to attracting women to president obama and at least their votes we'll have that for you coming up tonight. >> okay, thank you very much and again, on abc 7 news at 6:00 mark talk was women who were taking center stage including state attorney general harris and actress ashley judd. you can get updates by following him on our facebook page and mark is also tweeting at matthews abc 7. we'd like you to join us from
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live coverage that airs tonight from 7:00 until 8:00. >> and a hacking group seems to have proof big brother is targeting specific computer juicers. >> and i'm sandhya patel. tret threat of thunderstorms, live doppler 7 hd will be tracking potential developments. i'll be back with details coming up. >> and michael finney shows you how retailers are already beginning to compete for your holiday shopping dollars. stay with us. news continues right here at abc 7 news at 5:00 in one minute.
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san francisco police looking for three women targeting elderly members of the community. the victim is a lady, the woman in pink. police say the victim, the women approached the woman and
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convince hder she stepped on blood and the only way to get rid of spirits is giving her money and jewelry blessed. the suspect took off with the valuables. monday they struck again, using that conon another victim making off with 35,000s ndz cash. >> and hackers say they have tapped into an fbi agent lap top, gaining access to one million unique device numbers for apple products. the hacking collective then leaked all of the numbers and says it's an effort to cull attention to what it says is evidence that the government is potentially tracking people, apple did allow developers to access numbers to monitor user activity and target ads. the cap last announced it was phasing out that kind of access. >> and well, in this economy, as we know, people find themselves in a bind and we need money, quickly. >> many turned to so called pay day lenders. you've seen those. there is news about operations tonight. >> yeah. big news.
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we have a huge crack down onion line pay day lenders. state regulators issued nine citations to internet pay day lenders operating illegally in the state of california. many advertise they can get up to a thousand dollars into your accounts in as little as one hour. the ones unlicensed are offering loans in excess of the caps other thing is that some of them are being unscrupulous in collection practices to try to get payment on those loans. >> many companies operating out of state or off shore. the department warns consumers to be wary of pay day lenders charging as much as triple digit rates. >> and retailers going all out to get your disback after this for holidays. toys are us is the latest retailer to announce it will offer lay away.
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this time taking it further, plans to offer free lay away until halloween. it's an effort to spur sales. after halloween, prices go up to $5, retailers see it as an opportunity to go after consumers and wall mart announced it's lay away plan last month. >> and 13,000 medicare recipients will be getting refund checks after being overcharged for drugs. cvs care mark agreed to pay after its company published incorrect drug pricing on a med yir care site. this happened before cvs care mark bought rx american. >> thank you very much. >> yes. >> and let's get a check on weather now with sandhya patel. >> yes. nice day outside. >> beautiful day. and it's changing and could be changing in a big way. and we may be talking did
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thunderstorms tossibilities. there is a live picture now. we'll talk about it in more detail. and we show you a few there is 1300 feet deep and there is be temperatures fallen this afternoon there is from our heavenly camera at a beautiful view of lake tahoe. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. we can have fog cozied up along the coastline. you can see here if thunderstorms do develop starting tomorrow evening heading into thursday, we have our own doppler located on mount st. helena. tracking any moisture including thunderstorms. and we have 80s inland east
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way. 91 in fairfield. highs low 90s inland coast side. numbers into 50s now. there is partly cloudy skies, and there is a slight chance of thunderstorms as we head into late tomorrow night and into thursday. so first thing tomorrow morning there is low upper 40s to low 50s around san francisco and half moon bay. fog along the coast in oaf parts of the bay tonight z then, here is what is going happen. we're watching the very dry air aloft on water vapor imagery. there is going to start to pull up moisture from what was once hurricane iliana. and once tropical storm john just remnants of john. so moisture from those two
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systems getting drawn up. it's a new stream of moisture wh. that happens if the right dynamics come foo play, watch is what going to happen. computer models bringing up cloud cover. heading into wednesday night, we can see moisture developing. thursday, we can see possibility of thunderstorms. so between wednesday evening, thursday, and slight chance of thunderstorms here in the bay area. initially dry thunderstorms but could see wetting rains as thunderstorms do develop. please stay tuned. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, into south bay, 83 cupertino, san jose. on the pin anyone slarks you'll see more cloud cover tomorrow. and upper 70s redwood city. coastside and downtown san francisco 66 degrees and daily city is 58 and as we get you up into north bay there is 72 in oakland. heading inland, temperatures coming down and 64 degrees in
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monterey. accu-weather forecast there is a cooler forecast right on throughout friday, when numbers into mid-80s inland. mid-50s coastside. slight chance of thunderstorms wednesday night and thursday. looking towards weekend, really comfortable weather. 50s and 60s coast side. mid-80s inland. >> thunderstorms. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and still to come the wrecking crane coming to tear down a institution. >> yes. one has fed the hungry for decades. stay with us.
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breaking news now, a
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traffic situation in the east bay. police have been investigating a shootout on he interstate 680 that kill aid suspect and wounded a chp officer, you can see now from sky 7 hd over the scene four of the five southbound lanes are knew open again after being shut down eight hours today. and oughtful northbound lanes reopened this afternoon. >> they started tearing down the at that timered walls of one of san francisco's beloved soup kitchens. crews demolishing the dining hall in the tender loin that opened in 1950 at grew to serve 3,000 meals per day, including famous thanksgiving and christmas dinners and closed in january. meals being served in a temporary room across the street. >> this corner of golden gate and jones is where hope and inspiration meet. >> when finished the complex
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will be including a dining room and seven floors of affordable senior housing. it will be well needed when it's open.
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coming up at 6:00 we're going to take you live to newest information on the condition of the chp officer wounded terribly in the highway shootout. plus latest on the traffic conditions there. >> and attorney abc 7 news talks with some of california's most powerful women about michelle obama and other women taking center stage tonight at democratic national convention. >> unusual art of lip synca, bringing actress joan crawford back to live. >> i think i'll have to be there for that. >> you will. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thank you

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